April 28, 2009

YAY Textbroker.com!!!

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For those of you wanting to earn a quick buck or two from learning to write articles – this is the site for you!  The actual address is www.textbroker.com

In a nutshell, they accept newbies from all over.  Read their profile and then send in a short (1 think it’s maximum 200 word) essay that you pick from the four they give you.  The catch is, you can’t write it in first person, as I am now.  You have to write 3rd person, or in the objective.

You write it there at their site and click it – off it goes to be rated.  The ratings are: stars -1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  I don’t really know what the rating for star 1 is, I haven’t seen any articles for them in the assignment area.  Star 2 is an adequate writer. Star 3 is a good writer (that’s what I scored), star 4 is an exceptional write and star 5 is a professional. 

You have a chance to change your rating via the articles you write for them.  I will admit that the article base can be a little strange.  They have articles like “What to do about dirty armpits” and so forth.  But writing the articles is pretty easy work, and Hey!, you have the world wide web at your fingertips for research.

I have already completed one article and have another in the queue waiting for approval.  As a star 3 I make 1.5 cents per word.  OK, not alot of money I admit, but those 2.16 articles add up AND they have no limit on how many you do per day, at least not for now.

So, if you are sitting around and tapping your computer keys in an obsessive-compulsive manner like I have been known to do, you might as well tap out an article or two and make some Top Ramen money!!  Also, if you want to be a serious article writer down the road then this is the site in which to find your paid practice venue…..

Survey Says……You can do THAT!!