May 16, 2009

Just an Update on Taking Surveys Online and

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Hi!! I just wanted to let you know that taking surveys online does pay off.

After months of taking them online day after day after day (do i sound weary? LOL), I finally got a panel review from a company named Greenfield and made $25 for 90 minutes!! It will credited to my palpay account within 2 weeks.

Also a new email click program recommended by I’ve Tried (check out his website, full of useful tidbits). starts out slow – you have about 1.25 or a little more per week that you click on and get credited for; they promise to have more pay clicks available in the near future; this is there first few months of operation.

But the good news is, they transfer the money into paypal EVERY week. You can easily make 5 or 10 readilly available bux a month. I know that is peanuts but hey, it’s gas money for the moped or wine at the Dollar Store.

Please check them out.

Survey Says….definitely worth your time:)