All About Little Ol’ Me

Hi I’m Lisa. You may have seen my avatar picture with the name Surveygirl46 floating around on any site I’m hooked up with.  This is for two reasons. 1.  It’s not THAT crummy a picture of me  and since I usually take crummy pictures, I hold on to what I can get as far as not too humiliating for public view and I post it and show it off until it falls apart or I have aged too much for anyone to believe that’s me anymore.   AND 2.  The only other decent picture of me is “not” suitable for public viewing, if you get my drift. 🙂

Anyway, this is a blog about me and my adventures with all things Internet in my attempts to  help make money and keep our apartment so my family won’t have to learn that I’m that bag lady with the KMART basket who hangs out by the dumpster at their church on Sundays. I have tried surveys, paid emails, buying “free” start up kits, and I will be giving you a “valued  opinion” on what I have found.  You are welcome to post your experiences with these things, or anything else too. (I’m not sure if that can be done on this blog but I  thought I’d offer to be nice)

This blog is also about any and everything that catches my fancy.  The only thing I won’t be posting here is my usual illustrious bagging on private individuals, infomercials, my doggy foes,  and people in the public eye (heretofore known as PIPE).  See I want to join up with Blogatize to make money and found that they check out your referring blog when you sign up, and wouldn’t you know it, they have this  “decency” thing.  So, I am creating this blog so they will see what a decent, talented, clean cut blogger I am, and HIRE ME to write fascinating drivel for which they will pay me BIG BIG bucks.  I just have to keep it clean.

That having been said I am sure I will be posting more again today because thanks to blogging  I now have chronic literary diarrhea and have no idea where the Imodium might be.   Talk your ear off soon. Survey Says Have a great day!


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