May 2, 2009 YAY AGAIN!!

Posted in 1 at 2:05 pm by surveygirl46

Just an update on my favorite article broker and cyberheroes  I rode  Ozzy’s crazy train, remembering to take a lot of wine on the trip, and wrote three more articles this week for  This was possible because my sleep patterns have changed from needing at least 6 hours a night to grabbing 15 minutes anytime I can.  This sleep change is possible only because I am unemployed in a normal sense at this moment.  By normal sense I mean I am not presently shackled in a cubicle prison, serving out a weekly jail sentence that I brought upon myself by forcing upon the jailer the signed indentured-servent promissary note also known as a job resume.   Hmmm….Now that I have stepped back from my Stockholm Syndrome I kinda don’t want to go back.  As usual, I digress.

Anyway, my total of four articles, which were easy to research on the internet and write up, came to almost $27.00 that will be in my paypal account by the 10th of May!!

I know that doesen’t seem like a lot but check out the site if you like to write.  The work is researchable on the internet, you can pick which articles you want to write as long as you stay in  hour rating class.  You can write as many or as little as you want, and you don’t have to pull teeth to get your money.  It is paid once per month through your paypal and follows their own rules! 

Plus, I have been rated excellent by the clients I wrote the articles for and they increased my rating to 4, which I mentioned last post, and now I am getting higher paying articles!!  Ok, off to sleep too much wine…..


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