May 26, 2009

Survey Head (ache)

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But WHO is Really Getting Paid? You? Or the Scammer Company?

But WHO is Really Getting Paid? You? Or the Scammer Company?

Ok, this is probably my first bitch post about any of the survey places I have worked with but I told you I would lay it on the line so here goes….

On Survey Head, you have to reach $25 to cash out.   Technically I am at $37 right now, and if you can relate, need it more than ever since I turned in my last YooHoo can for a nickel on Monday.

Every day when I check the site my available funds are creeping ever so slowly towards that mark, but HERE is my beef with Survey Head:  One of those pending surveys is worth $10 and here is what makes it worse:  1. That survey was taken at the end of MARCH!!!  2.  I personally confirmed that $10 survey with the  sponsor who arranged that survey in conjunction with Entertainment Tonite.  That was back in April.

When I emailed Survey Head I get prompt polite emails back from them.  They are always apologetic and very personable and state that their staff is behind and is getting to this survey in question as soon as possible.  I know, it’s probably not the email-repliers fault, as usual it’s most likely the never-seen  powers-that-be. 

But still, Come On Survey Head.  This is not just fun money for most of us taking these surveys.  We work hard enough on  your site trying to get accepted by one survey per day as it is.  And one more thing: Please don’t make us poor survey-takers suffer through any more surveys we THINK we have been accepted into based on the 5 or 6 minutes we put into them; ONLY to all of a sudden be taken to a screen that says: Thanks but you didn’ t qualify!

Survey Says…..That’s BULLSHIT!  And asks the question, Are you a SCAM?

PS – I couldn’t obtain a logo that I could download here for  you but I did find a few unhappy survey takers on the The Survey Police. com in regards to this company.  Take a look below for what they had to say:

SurveyHead Unresolved Complaints
(only complaints screened for sensitive information are shown)

Case #: 1050 Plaintiff: Soly Submitted: December 15, 2008 Last Updated: May 17, 2009
Hi, I requested a payment over a month ago for $26(they say it takes 2 weeks in pending , it took 5 weeks) and they just told me that my payment was cancelled due to irregulatities. They did not tell me why especifically and they do not respond!!!
thanks for your help,

Case #: 1048 Plaintiff: william Submitted: December 14, 2008 Last Updated: May 17, 2009
I have eleven surveys pending dating back to 11/9. This is unexceptable. No replies to my three emails either.

Case #: 1030 Plaintiff: Donetta Submitted: December 09, 2008 Last Updated: May 17, 2009
I requested payment on 11/10/08 for $27 and to date 12/09/08 I still have no payment have sent over 2 dozen emails from the website and my personal email address, none are being answered but now suddenly I don’t qualify for ANY survey.


HMMMMM…..Don’t worry I will pay SPECIAL attention to this one! I will get back to you as soon as they show their true colors….


May 16, 2009

Just an Update on Taking Surveys Online and

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Hi!! I just wanted to let you know that taking surveys online does pay off.

After months of taking them online day after day after day (do i sound weary? LOL), I finally got a panel review from a company named Greenfield and made $25 for 90 minutes!! It will credited to my palpay account within 2 weeks.

Also a new email click program recommended by I’ve Tried (check out his website, full of useful tidbits). starts out slow – you have about 1.25 or a little more per week that you click on and get credited for; they promise to have more pay clicks available in the near future; this is there first few months of operation.

But the good news is, they transfer the money into paypal EVERY week. You can easily make 5 or 10 readilly available bux a month. I know that is peanuts but hey, it’s gas money for the moped or wine at the Dollar Store.

Please check them out.

Survey Says….definitely worth your time:)

May 2, 2009 YAY AGAIN!!

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Just an update on my favorite article broker and cyberheroes  I rode  Ozzy’s crazy train, remembering to take a lot of wine on the trip, and wrote three more articles this week for  This was possible because my sleep patterns have changed from needing at least 6 hours a night to grabbing 15 minutes anytime I can.  This sleep change is possible only because I am unemployed in a normal sense at this moment.  By normal sense I mean I am not presently shackled in a cubicle prison, serving out a weekly jail sentence that I brought upon myself by forcing upon the jailer the signed indentured-servent promissary note also known as a job resume.   Hmmm….Now that I have stepped back from my Stockholm Syndrome I kinda don’t want to go back.  As usual, I digress.

Anyway, my total of four articles, which were easy to research on the internet and write up, came to almost $27.00 that will be in my paypal account by the 10th of May!!

I know that doesen’t seem like a lot but check out the site if you like to write.  The work is researchable on the internet, you can pick which articles you want to write as long as you stay in  hour rating class.  You can write as many or as little as you want, and you don’t have to pull teeth to get your money.  It is paid once per month through your paypal and follows their own rules! 

Plus, I have been rated excellent by the clients I wrote the articles for and they increased my rating to 4, which I mentioned last post, and now I am getting higher paying articles!!  Ok, off to sleep too much wine…..