April 28, 2009

YAY Textbroker.com!!!

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For those of you wanting to earn a quick buck or two from learning to write articles – this is the site for you!  The actual address is www.textbroker.com

In a nutshell, they accept newbies from all over.  Read their profile and then send in a short (1 think it’s maximum 200 word) essay that you pick from the four they give you.  The catch is, you can’t write it in first person, as I am now.  You have to write 3rd person, or in the objective.

You write it there at their site and click it – off it goes to be rated.  The ratings are: stars -1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  I don’t really know what the rating for star 1 is, I haven’t seen any articles for them in the assignment area.  Star 2 is an adequate writer. Star 3 is a good writer (that’s what I scored), star 4 is an exceptional write and star 5 is a professional. 

You have a chance to change your rating via the articles you write for them.  I will admit that the article base can be a little strange.  They have articles like “What to do about dirty armpits” and so forth.  But writing the articles is pretty easy work, and Hey!, you have the world wide web at your fingertips for research.

I have already completed one article and have another in the queue waiting for approval.  As a star 3 I make 1.5 cents per word.  OK, not alot of money I admit, but those 2.16 articles add up AND they have no limit on how many you do per day, at least not for now.

So, if you are sitting around and tapping your computer keys in an obsessive-compulsive manner like I have been known to do, you might as well tap out an article or two and make some Top Ramen money!!  Also, if you want to be a serious article writer down the road then this is the site in which to find your paid practice venue…..

Survey Says……You can do THAT!!


April 25, 2009

A Couple of Survey Companies to Sign Up With (and the downside, OF COURSE)

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HELLO to ALL those future users of my knowledge and GREETINGS to the couple of followers I already have, thanks to the art of extortion – !!

Here is my first attempt at providing you with simple yet helpful information on making a little moolah from your home computer (you can do this while pretending to be interested in what your mother-in-law is babbling about on the phone OR cleaning the wax out of your ears). I will present information on a total of one, sometimes 2, free to join companies or practices each time I post. I don’t want to give you so much information that it’s confusing;  and as I am confusing enough at times all by myself it is YOUR safety I am concerned with. Also, I don’t want the posts to be so long that you get bored and LEAVE, therefore missing out on all those subtle yet amusing random sentence “fillers” that I pride myself on. So without further ado, here is the good and the not so good on the first survey company on my list of internet things with “extra-dough potential”:

Survey Head – Google the name just like that. Survey Head is an online survey-taking site that you can join for free. You will know that you have reached the right site when you see the moronically happy-looking disembodied floating head. You almost expect to hear a Don Pardo-like voice screaming “Tell her what she’s wooooon!” emanating out of your speakers. Anyway, once you get past questioning your mental state for what you are about to waste your time on, go ahead and set up your account by answering the same 100 boring questions that will most certainly be in your future if you decide to become a professional online survey taker.


Survey Head will bring up a list of the surveys available for taking, the percentage of your entry chances, and the money amount you will get credited to your account if you are accepted for the survey. I always pick surveys based on the highest paying survey first. If the reward amounts are all the same then I select the one with the highest percentage rating of getting in. It CAN go like this:

You select a survey. After answering another onslaught of the same boring questions about age, gender, and geographic location you are usually transferred to the actual company giving the survey. Now the questions become more in-depth, and are usually related to the product or service that the survey is for. A couple of pages later you figure, hey it’s been a few minutes, Your IN, right? Survey SAYS…….maybe NOT. A lot of times you will suddenly be slammed back home to confront that annoying jamby head that pops up with a little screen that tells you UNFORTUNATELY you didn’t qualify for THIS survey, however, would you like to try another? If you say yes, sometimes there will be some to take, sometimes there won’t. Just be persistent. When you start to get frustrated at your sudden survey rejection, take a break and Google Joyce Wildenstein’s latest plastic surgery disaster in her quest for notoriety as a demonic, deranged feline experiment gone horribly wrong. Survey SAYS……That always does the trick for me!


If you remain persistent, have time and the patience to keep checking back to Survey Head, you can earn cash daily! One boring day I did nothing but play on the computer, take some surveys, click on paid email programs and eat, eat, eat. Imagine my surprise when along with a few pounds, I also gained about $6 in credit for that days surveys! I think the total time spent from application to completion of all the surveys was probably no more than 4 hours. I could have probably gotten the man hours down to 3 or 4 but I was taking care of other household errands in between working online. I had a lot of patience that day and I know it was a weekend because I remember that FINALLY I didn’t feel like slitting my wrists when I woke up in the morning. But I digress..

Here are some practices I follow as they have proven to be effective for me:

  1. Check Survey Head earlier in the morning and later in the evening. In fact the later you check in online at night when you are up drinking wine or smoking “whatever” the more survey choices there seem to be PLUS they’re easier to get in to. It HAS to be because, unlike us, the decent folk of the world are already asleep in their beds having wholesome dreams.
  2. Make sure to answer the age, demographic, employment type and gender information honestly. I KNOW it’s boring as hell to repeat the same old same old EVERY time only to risk NOT being qualified pages later. However, I have found from experience that you never know for sure what kind of demographic information they are looking for at the time that will qualify you so don’t even TRY to second guess. 
  3. Keep Survey Head along with the other websites you frequent often on a favorites list. That way you can stay online and do other things but get back fast to their site if the sudden urge to survey hits you.
  4. DO try some of the other listed surveys there even if they look boring or you think that you won’t get in because of the percentage ratio. I have been kicked off surveys that rated a promising 75% entry potential only to be accepted by surveys that I supposedly only had a 15% or less shot at AND paid out at a higher rate. 
  5. DO try the higher money paying surveys first. I am noticing that there has been a lot of $2 to $3 dollar offers along with the usual $1 offers and they FILL UP FAST. But it doesn’t hurt to check just in case. In fact, I just took a break from writing this blog and went to Survey Head’s site to make sure there wasn’t anything I was leaving out of this post. I found a $3 survey and immediately clicked on it. Unfortunately, I didn’t QUALIFY, surprise, surprise, but I did take another $1 survey on their list, and for 5 minutes pain-free work, I made a BUCK!!
  6. Do get a PayPal account if you don’t have one already. The basic account is free to sign up for. Survey Head pays through PayPal only from what their site says. One thing about PayPal you should know is that they are not user-friendly with YAHOO mail accounts and they tell you that on your site. I recommend you get a GMAIL mail account, also free. One more thing is that I haven’t actually cashed out on this site yet. You have to reach a $25 limit before you can cash out. Also you can GOOGLE information on Survey Head if you want reviews. Trust me; there are plenty out there good and bad. There are people who will tell you they NEVER got paid from Survey Head and people who will tell you they have had no problem whatsoever getting their money. I will tell you this. I took a $2 survey that didn’t show up on my pending file so I contacted Survey Head right away by email. I got a return email that very day saying not to worry that they would handle it. So SOFAR I’ve had a good experience with them. I will update you on my first payout as I am only $1 away from the limit!!

Well, I hope this has been informative and not TOO boring. I will continue to update you with any new developments that may change my opinion of the survey site, or make it even better, as they occur. I will also be bringing you information on other FREE different Moolah-making companies and programs that I have joined, or un-joined, as the case may be, in the future.

Survey Says…….Have a great day!!